This blog is the place where we are putting together all the stories we are collecting on The Cart’s travels around Coventry. We’re working our way around the city sharing culture, coffee* and conversation; finding out about how the people who live and work in Coventry feel about culture; about what sort of stuff they already do outside of work that might be called ‘culture’; talking about what it could mean for Coventry (and its people) to win the title of UK City of Culture – and about how the city’s people best shape the way that plays out.


The Cart is Talking Birds’ Mobile Social Space. It’s a kind of flexible kit we can set up anywhere to create a special space for social interactions, engagement, workshops, play and conversation.

It’s something that can pop-up across the city (and beyond) offering a friendly, relaxed, comfortable and welcoming space to have a conversation over coffee*, over a shared activity such as stitching or a game, or maybe even over a free haircut. An exchange of some kind. Something which allows parents to stop and chat whilst their children play. Something that can go to where people are, and engage them on their terms – visiting neighbourhoods, parks, nurseries; joining existing events or forming the focus of new ones; mapping the cultural engagement in the city on a micro-level, where it’s about people, about communities – about human connections and the things we do together.

We’re very excited to be taking The Cart out and about in Coventry in conjunction with the bid for the City of Culture 2021 to find out about the ordinary and extraordinary art and culture the people of the city get up to, and what they feel a City of Culture could and should look like.

We’re plotting our tour at the moment. If you’re interested in joining us for a conversation – or you know somewhere you think we should visit with The Cart, please get in touch!

*other refreshments are also available…