I wonder…

[Guest blog by Laura Nyahuye]

Coventry, Coventry, packed with
I look around me, l see black people, l see white people
I see them coming and going
I see people… people from all walks of life
Coventry, you are rich
Rich in culture

My mind wonders, it wanders back in time
A time l was not yet born
A time none of us were here
A time way, way back in History
A time when they wore Victorian dresses
A time when they rode horses from place to place
A time when gentlemen bowed to ladies
A time when women curtsied to gentlemen
I wonder……

My mind wonders
What was it like? I wonder
How did they converse? I wonder….
Did they ever wonder about now?
About this present future?
I wonder….

Coventry, Coventry, full of history

My mind comes back to here and now…..
Conversations going back and forth around me
How Coventry was,
How Coventry is
How Coventry will be
I wonder…..

Coventry you are beautiful
Coventry you are rich
Tudor buildings
Lady Godiva
The Cathedral
The Car factory
The Weavers factory
The Bicycle factory
The Watch factory
The Elephant….
The Elephant?….. I take a pause…..
The elephant makes me wonder

The elephant of Coventry got me wondering…….
Wondering if my late mother followed me to Coventry…

My late mother’s totem was ‘Elephant’
A story for another day….
A cultural thing….

I wonder…….

Screen shot 2017-08-04 at 06.34.59

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