Freedom and feed ’em

A quieter and slower outing, and a different kind of cultural experience for The Cart at the Food Union’s Beake Avenue allotment. A bit of communal digging, a fire, bring & share food – and, on The Cart, collectively composing haiku entreaties to growth. Inspired by the wassailing song lyrics that ask the fruit trees to ensure a good harvest, and thinking about the growing that the city will do as City of Culture, we worked together to compose a set of poems, wrote the poems up onto bamboo plant labels and then planted them at the allotment.

So much demand for
A patch of soil; clay or sand
Space for me to grow.

I love to grow plants
Colours and development

Sugar Snap, Mange Tout
Like peas in a pod, they grin
And pop the pods in.

Sun is shining bright
I now need more space to grow
Step out of the shade.

I eat vegetables
A milkshake is unhealthy
I like to grow fruit.

Soil soggy, moist, wet,
It’s ready to plant our seeds,
Scarecrow is ready.

I like to explore
All fruits, and veg in the world
None better than Cov!!!

I walk across grass, and
Hope not to step on the veg!
In the amazing sunshine.

Climbing in the trees
Looking over all the fruits
Watching the veg grow!!!

Time to get growing
Flavour in nose, gloves in hands
Moving find the trail.

Down the allotment
Pregnant lady is around
Things coming to birth.

Red cabbages and
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Chop! Off with their heads!

The beautiful games.
Pass. Sow. Dribble. Water. Kick.
Score! Eat the result.

Pottering around
Children growing on the plot.
Freedom and feed ’em.

Cycling from the plot.
Fire recycles what won’t rot.
Woodsmoke clings to me.

Different stages
Of our produce growing through
Boiling in the pan!

Mcdonalds and cheese,
French fries and donna kebabs,
Eurgh, I choose apples.

People struggling…
Why don’t you try growing food?
You will never starve.

The earth, wind and fire
The people plant and build life.
Elemental things.

[The Cart at Beake Avenue allotments 30.4.17. Artists: Lorsen Camps, Mark Hancock, Janet Vaughan, Deyanna Rogers.]

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