Further and foremost it’s the people…

[Guest blog by Deyanna Rogers]

Did you know Coventry was the first place to make a taxi?
We have many great treasures which represent our city all so well.
When I think of our city of culture, the likes of these greatnesses come to mind.
From Coventrians international selling band The Specials to Lady Godiva,
The people of Coventry count!

Strive to get the citizens aboard for a bid for Coventry!
Making people aware of the event
We campaign with The Cart in Coventry city centre.
Offering tea, coffee and cakes
To participants
In order to generate
Information about the greatness of our city.

Throughout the campaign I interact with many diverse people.
Even though Coventry is home to me
It is nice to see
Other people’s perspective of the city.

I get to hear peoples stories
Along with their thoughts and feelings.
Ask a series of open questions
Help run conversations smoothly.
One citizen explains how he left the city for quite some years
But came back – realised home is where the heart is.

We also ask people how they feel about the bid.
Generally get positive feedback.
We place all information on a sheet for evidence.

The next stop
Visiting University of Warwick is great!
Interacting with over 100 students and hearing their views of Coventry
It feels like a fresh approach.
Students – what do you like to explore in the city?
Students like to eat out a lot!
But wonder – would that fall under culture?

A small percentage liked to visit the theatre
One particular student is moved by our campaign
Likes the culture of the arts altogether,
Feels Coventry has the right atmosphere to establish good theatre
Hence studying at the University of Warwick.

The list goes on – great things associated with our city.
Further and foremost it’s the people that make our city great.
It would be delightful if we could take this crown for City of Culture.
Not only would it make us proud,
It would give us the recognition we deserve!!!!

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