“Life works better when everyone lives mixed up, rather than in special boxes.”

“I chose ‘Provision’, because this city desperately needs accommodation for single parent families and also for older people. I think it’s great that there are so many students in Coventry – the energy and vitality is great. I wish that there weren’t so many landlords and developers making money out of them though.

I was born near Far Gosford Street. I was a WREN and I married a sailor and I’ve moved 24 times, but now I live back on the street where I was born, with my daughter and my granddaughters. On my street there are students and people from all over the world. It’s a lovely mix. I don’t think that we should be building so much accommodation just for students though. Life works better when everyone lives mixed up, rather than in special boxes. Old people’s homes are terrible – they basically just put them in there, turn the TV up and wait for them to die. It’s not right – all those lives, all those stories, all those years of knowledge and experience going to waste.

I chose ‘Innovation’, because we need to think about town. Why does everything shut down at 3pm? We need to bring life into the city centre, activities, things to make people feel safe – so that the stalls in the market don’t need to shut at 3pm!

I sing in 3 choirs, and I sing songs in 19 different languages in my church choir. I love singing. I could sing before I could speak. It makes me feel happy when I sing.

And ‘Sustainability’, I picked that because people are always having really good ideas and starting really good things. They get going, you’re just getting used to them and they’re just starting to get really popular, when suddenly the funds run out and they stop – there’s no money to continue. That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

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